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We believe in delivering the right products at the right cost at the right time - all the time. Whether the objective is to procure competitively for export or to procure for local operations we can be your trusted partner of choice for a long term trustworthy relationship. We also offer Third Party Inspection services for their valuable clients. We demand the highest standards of manufacture from our audited suppliers. Quality control procedures are implemented at every stage to achieve the optimum solution. 

Our Sourcing Process Comprises Of The Following Steps:

  • Inspection:
    We have a qualified and trained work inspection team comprising of engineers to conduct an in-process and final inspection of parts.
  • Packaging:
    All packaging standards and methods are up to the certified standards. Extreme care is taken to provide all possible protection to prevent any damage to your intricate and critical products during transit.
  • Logistics Management
     We have established a Lean Supply Chain, a unique mechanism that has doesn’t have any hidden costs of inventory carrying cost and yet ensure on-time delivery.
  • Supplier Assessment
    We do a dynamic on-going supplier assessment and provide a supplier assessment score to each of its suppliers on the basis of quality, delivery & service levels.

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